Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hey, guess what?
The Good Boy is on TWITTER!!!
Yes, you read that right. The luddite of all time is on Twitter.
Well, I'm going to try to keep up, but the delightful and talented Silvie Zamora is really going to be my Twitter conduit. She helped to set me up and is going to monitor it for me.
I mean, really... look how long it takes me to update my frickin' blog for God's sake.
BUT... if you want to keep up with me and tweet away...
Twitter Michael Bonnabel @TheGoodBoy2011

Also... I am still in GREAT need of raising money to help bolster our budget for The Good Boy @ LATC.
As some of you (all 7 of you who follow me cough cough) that LATC almost canceled my show due to a slash in their government assistance. So to help keep us alive, and on the boards, we need to help fund the show as co-producers. If you know anyone who loves this show, or would like to support the arts, tell them to go to this link and donate away (tax deductable!) PLEASE?

Love love and more love. Michael and The Good Boy thanks you!

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